How to Send Us PGP-Encrypted Email

Thunderbird with the Enigmail Add-On

The easiest way to send PGP-encrypted email from Windows, Mac, or Linux is to use Mozilla's Thunderbird email client with the Enigmail add-on. Both are free and produced by reputable open-source developers. You can download Thunderbird here and the Enigmail add-on here or via the "Add-Ons" tab under "Tools" in the Thunderbird menu bar. Sending encrypted mail is a simple 4-step process:
    • 1st - Install Thunderbird and set it up to work with your email account.
    • 2nd - Install the Enigmail add-on;
    • 3rd - Import our Public PGP Key into Enigmail;
    • 4th - Write your confidential message to us, addressing it to, and be sure to encrypt it with our law firm's Public PGP Key before you send it. This will help ensure that only the lawyers or authorized staff members of our law firm will be able to decrypt and read your confidential communication to us. This will also help to establish and preserve the privileged status of your communication, making it more likely to be immune from coercive government subpoenas or discovery requests by third-party litigants seeking to use your words against you.

How-To Articles on How to Use PGP & GPG (GNUPrivacyGuard)

Below is a list of excellent articles that explain how to send us encrypted email using our Public PGP Key.

Our Public PGP Key